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Shell is an interior essential oil absorber. It is made of pure, natural inorganic substance that absorbs the scent and releases it slowly into the air.

Unlike aroma lamps, it is completely safe. It does not need a candle so there is no risk of burns. You can place it in a children’s bedroom as well as a closet, in a bathroom etc.

The absorber releases a finer scent than an aroma lamp. If you want to have a more intensive scent, place the absorber in a warm place.

The gift package contains the Shell, a hand-made clear glass plate, or alternatively also essential oils. If you want to buy some essential oil too, please see our offer of shell and essential oil sets. You can also select a different essential oil.

Instructions for use

Depending on the size of the room, apply 10 – 30 drops on the shell. You can add different scents even though the shell is still fragrant. Order any essential oil according to your choice, do not limit yourself to our gift sets offer.

If you need to dispose of the shell, you can put it in municipal waste or grind and put it in the soil in your garden. The material is completely natural and safe for the environment.


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