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 Very gentle moisturizing hair washing balm.

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Very gentle moisturizing washing balm for hair.

Thanks to its unique composition, LIGIA prevents the scalp from drying out. Due to its protective properties, it is very suitable for washing dyed, bleached and permed hair. It supports hair elasticity and has a moisturizing effect.

Due to its moisturizing properties, the balm is extremely gentle for all types of hair. It is suitable for adults and children aged 5 and up.

The balm is suitable for sensitive and damaged skin of the scalp.

Using LIGIA stops dandruff. At the beginning you need to be patient. If your scalp has been damaged, it takes time to heal. This can take about 28 days.

More than half of the raw materials for this unique washing balm come from the olive tree. The olive oil is processed by a patented technology thanks to which you can provide your hair with exceptional care even when washing it. The balm neutralizes free radicals and slows down scalp skin ageing.

Beside outstanding hair and scalp care, LIGIA provides another dimension of care too. The essence of amethyst infused in the shampoo boosts inspiration. It brings light to the crown of the head. LIGIA supports your inner peace.

Shake gently before use.

Apply a very small amount of LIGIA to wet hair and gently massage the scalp with circular movements, spot by spot. Try to feel the scalp relax and move. With the help of the essential oils, amethyst water and the massage you will be able to relax better.

Repeat once more and rinse with tepid water.

For disentangling of curly hair or damaged hair you can use the beautifully scented LIA hair balm. If the hair damage is more extensive, you can use it to rinse your hair. Rub LIA into split hair ends.

You can add a few drops of lemon juice in the last rinse to lighten your hair or add strained nettle decoction.

Decoction of the root of burdock is recommended to strengthen your hair. The best time to harvest the roots is in the autumn and in spring before the leaves start to sprout:

  • Add chopped fresh burdock root to 1 litre of water, or use 3 tablespoons of dried root.
  • Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Cool the decoction and strain while it is still tepid.
  • Rinse washed hair several times and wrap your hair in towel for 15 minutes.
  • Do not rinse with water, just style your hair as usual.
Vzorková / cestovní balení ano
V těhotenství ano, od 1. trimestru, v 2 trimestru, od poč. 3 trimesteru
Koupel pro děti 5 let +, pro děti od 10ti let, Příjemný pro děti
Šestinedělí ano
Na citlivou pokožku a pleť ano
Obal plastová lahvička
100% přírodní produkt Obsahuje pouze přírodní složky včetně upraveného olivového oleje
Kojící ženy ANO
Vůně citrusová, květinová, osvěžující


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 Very gentle moisturizing hair washing balm.


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