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Pulse point perfume, oil for solar plexus and heart chakras

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Neroli scent alleaviates restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, stage fright, fears, anxieties, shock. It is related to the solar plexus and heart chakras. Neroli teaches you to enjoy life with all senses, it brings the feeling of power. It has a strong effect on feelings connected with the heart area.

To calm down, alleviate stage fright, fear or shock, apply on solar plexus. To alleviate headache and restless sleep, apply on wrists or temples, for anxiety apply on the heart area. The oil helps us observe life with our heart and enjoy the present moment. It brings joy, trasforms fears and difficult emotional experiences, stabilizes the psyche. Neroli is great for hopelessness, it supports mental creativity. Neroli may be applied above the upper lip. Traditionally, neroli has been used as an aphrodisiac. Neroli helps heal scars. It is effective as a natural deodorant.

Vzorková / cestovní balení ano
V těhotenství od poč. 3 trimesteru
Obal skleněná lahvička
100% přírodní produkt 100%
Parfém Tepenný parfém
Vůně bylinná, květinová


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Pulse point perfume, oil for solar plexus and heart chakras

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