• AROMA FLACON basic
  • AROMA FLACON basic
  • AROMA FLACON basic
  • AROMA FLACON basic


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For a fragrant home and office.

To hang or put on a desk.

Essential oils are not part of this product, we offer them separately.

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If you need an intensive scent in any room (entrance to a flat, office, toilet...), use Eoné AROMA FLACON. The package contains:

  • Aroma flacon (1 or 2 pcs, according to the version you select)
  • wooden cap with a string for hanging (1 or 2 pcs, according to the version you select)

It is up to you whether you place the aroma flacon on a flat surface or hang it.

Essential oils are not included, we recommend choosing high-quality essential oils from the broad range offered by Eoné. 10 ml of any essential oil will last about 3 months.

Instructions for use

Place anywhere in the flat, office, car (use the wooden cap to prevent spilling).

We recommend placing the flacon on a little glass or china plate to prevent damage to the desk by a possible spilling.

In a children's bedroom, you can purify the air with eucalyptus citriodora or conifer essential oils (spruce, pine, fir), or red tangerine essential oil for calm sleep. For safety reasons, make sure that the aroma flacon is out of reach of children.

In offices and for people working with computers, we recommend orange essential oil to improve the environment with negative ions, and lemon or rosemary essential oils to improve brain activity.

For coughs and colds, you can use various types of eucalyptus, conifers, thyme ..... there are many possibilities. Just check which essential oil is suitable for you.


How to use AROMA FLACON:

  • You do not use the wooden cap for this version.
  • Pour the essential oil in the AROMA FLACON, filling it to 2/3 of its volume, wipe with a tissue to prevent staining.
  • Always replenish the essential oils on a plate or a similar surface to prevent staining of the furniture.


  • You will not use the wooden sticks for this version.
  • Fill the AROMA FLACON with the essential oil, wipe with a tissue. Close the flacon with the wooden cap and hang it in the spot you select.
  • You can refill the flacon as needed with high-quality essential oils.
  • To increase the intensity of evaporation, turn the closed flacon upside down for a few moments. You will notice that the wooden cap becomes moist. The content will last about 3 months.

Data sheet

Suitable for
your own composition of oils
for air purification in rooms and offices
Natural ingredients
glass bottle

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