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Oil for relieving massage during birth. 

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Oil for relieving massage during birth. Karité helps from the beginning of the contractions and in the course of the preparatory stage of labour. It relaxes the muscles in a natural way. 

Shea butter (karité) is the important ingredient of this product. It is used by African women for massages to relieve back pain and to heal skin cracks caused by birth. The oil contains vitamins A, D, E, and F, it supports collagen and elastin production.

You can add 1-2 drops of an essential oil of your choice.

Warm the oil in your hands before use. Apply and massage any areas with increased tension and pressure as required. The father-to-be can give the massage.

Massage with soothing downward strokes that accompany the exhalation, in the area of the belly, hips, the small of the back and backside. As the cervix gradually opens, continue downward and to the sides as you visualise the opening of the birth canal.

Other spots that can be massaged for pain relief are the backside, ankles and shoulders.

Use the remaining oil to treat stretch marks or on the baby - for smooth, healthy skin and/or for hip massage. Small crystals in the oil will melt when you warm it in your hands.

V těhotenství ano
Koupel Příjemný pro děti
Ochrana pleti na slunci
K porodu ano
Šestinedělí ano
Na citlivou pokožku a pleť ano
Domácí výroba kosmetiky Základní báze kosmetiky
Obal skleněná lahvička
100% přírodní produkt 100%
Do sprchy pro masáže, na pleť i pokožku rukou, na vlastní kompozici olejů
Kojící ženy ANO
Vůně bylinná


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Oil for relieving massage during birth. 

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