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Cold Pressed APRICOT OIL

Fresh produced

New product

Prunus armeniaca
Cosmetic ingredient.

202,00 Kč

Apricot oil contains provitamin A and a significant percentage of linoleic acid (25-30%).

Use in cosmetics:

- The oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, nourishing it and making it soft. 

- It has a light structure and it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

- In the summer it soothes skin irritated by sun exposure. 

From the end of the second week of age, it can be used for baby massages.

Domácí výroba kosmetiky Surovina do kosmetiky, Základní báze kosmetiky
Obal plastová lahvička
100% přírodní produkt 100%
Parfém Bez přidaných éterických olejů


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Cold Pressed APRICOT OIL

Cold Pressed APRICOT OIL

Prunus armeniaca
Cosmetic ingredient.

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