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A blend of 100% essential oils, mainly from conifers, for easier breathing and relaxation.

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A blend of 100% essential oils, mainly from conifers (fir, pine, spruce,...), for easier breathing, air purification, relaxation and general harmonization.

Use in an aroma lamp and on Eoné absorbers (Shell, Lotus, Carnation, Rose) or in the Eoné AROMA FLACON.

Suitable for the vacuum cleaner to refresh and revive the air.

Put 6-10 drops in an aroma lamp to purify and improve the air in the room, after 15 minutes extinguish the candle so the healing ingredients do not get burnt. You can apply the same quantity of the oil on our absorbers (lotus, rose or shell, aroma flacon) for fragrant ambience that lasts several hours. It is very suitable for bedtime.

To relieve strained muscles, add  3 drops of the oil in 1 tea spoon of almond oil and massage in.
In the sauna, it is a pleasant scent alleviating light colds. Add 3-5 drops in a vessel filled with water.
For a shower or a bath, add 3-8 drops in 1 spoon of the Neutral Shower or Bath Oil. The oils have a gentle beneficial effect.
Careful - do not leave the bottle with the essential oils in the sauna!!! Essential oils are easily flammable.

V těhotenství ano
Koupel Příjemný pro děti
Osvěžení ovzduší čistí vzduch, svěží vůně, uvolňuje napětí
Domácí výroba kosmetiky Směs do kosmetiky
Obal skleněná lahvička
V domácnosti Pročištění vzduchu v pokojích i kancelářích
100% přírodní produkt 100%
Vůně svěží, osvěžující
Sledované vonné složky Citral, Eugenol, Geraniol, D-limonene, Linalooil


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A blend of 100% essential oils, mainly from conifers, for easier breathing and relaxation.


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