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Pregnancy, Birth, Puerperium, Breastfeeding

Plant cosmetics for babies

Pregnancy, Birth, Puerperium, Breastfeeding 


  • Pregnancy

    Pure, fresh, nurturing cosmetics for expectant mothers

  • Preparation for birth

    We help expectant mothers prepare for a beautiful natural birth

  • Birth

    Massage oils and flower water for relief during birth. During the last stage of birth, apply Rose in yoyoba on the perineum to help the baby out.

  • Puerperium

    It is essential to care for the mother during puerperium. Mothers tend to forged about themselves during that period. Eoné products are designed for the mother to be as fit as possible after giving birth. This is for the baby's benefit as well.

  • Breastfeeding, breast...

    Massage oils for breasts, for the beginning of breastfeeding and for the whole breastfeeding period.

  • Maternity ward kit

    When you go to the maternity ward, you will need products for the birth, for after the birth for yourself (the mother) and for your baby.

    Mothers tend to forget about themselves after birth, but it is essential for the baby that the mother feels good after birth.

    That is why we have special products for puerperium. Remember to bring some drinking water you like and toilet paper. If you have stitches, inflatable circle is recommended for sitting.

    Everyone would like to take a picture of your baby - do not use flash as the pupils are still developing. The pupils are very sensitive and taking photos with flash is not good for them.

    Eoné wishes you a beautiful and blessed time in a new era of your life.

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Pregnancy, Birth, Puerperium, Breastfeeding


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