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Essences & DIY

Essential oils, vegetable oils and other ingrediences for your home lab :-)

Essential oils, packaging for cosmetics and vegetable oils for DIY


  • Essential oils

    Essential oils are extracted from plant flowers, fruit bark, pericarp, seeds, wood, bark, branches, needles. We must be aware that these are concentrated substances and are for professional use only. Eoné carefully selects the truly natural and high quality essential oils for you and packs them in a bottle with a dropper cap and a childproof cap (pipette caps do not have a childproof cap and are used only in special cases).

    The 5 ml bottle contains approximately 140 drops of essential oil, i.e. approximately 28 drops per ml (depending on the density of the essential oil and the type/shape of the dropper/drip pipette).

    EU regulation requires essential oils to be labelled as chemicals even if they are pure plant products. Therefore, they carry warning labels and phrases. Their use is subject to knowledge of aromatherapy.

  • Blends of essential oils

    Unique blends of essential oils according to Eoné recipes

  • Air Cleaning

    There are more ways to scent a child's room, an apartment, a company's lobby and a workplace. Those that do not require a flame or electricity are very gentle and do not require more of our attention apart from the occasional addition of essential oils. These are the EVAPORATORS such as the rose or shell. AROMA FLACONS are also excellent for their easy application.
    In order to keep our favourite or curative scent with us at all times, we carry INHALATION FLACONS in our handbag for frequent use.

    For all of them we use high-quality essential oils that suit our intentions and preferences. For example, we use mandarin, which is calming, for children to help them fall asleep peacefully; and lemon, which helps us focus, for the workspace. Grapefruit, on the other hand, is a universal and popular essential oil.

    For lovers of incense, we offer resins and a Lamp for their vaporization. The lamp already requires a flame and should therefore be used with caution and out of reach of children.

  • Parfémové éterické oleje
  • Silice doporučované...
  • Vzácné silice v jojobě

    Vzácné éterické oleje jsou rozpuštěny v jojobovém oleji

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  • Evaporators
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