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The best natural products for your shower and bath, for your soft hands, happy mind, beautiful hair ... and a wonderful personal fragrance.

For beautiful family atmosphere.



  • Bath & Shover

    Plant bath and shower oils for healthy care for your skin and mental balance

  • Cellulite

    Hand-made shower oil and solid soaps

  • Intimate hygiene

    Caring and calming the pressure during period and more

  • Hair

    Cosmetics promoting hair elasticity and calming skin

  • Body lotion and care
  • Deodorization

    Reduces decomposition of sweat and attenutes perspiration.

  • Shaving

    Gentle smearing protects the charm of your skin

  • Hands and nails

    Wonderful natural compositions nurture the skin of your hands and please your senses.

  • Parfumes and fragnances

    Tuning your heart and soul

  • Specials

    Massage oils and gels easing your muscles, body and soul from weariness and pain.

    Neutral body milk and cleansing oil for sensitive skin; for addition of essential oils according to recommendation of your aromatherapist; or for addition of Bach flowers or remedies of your individual needs.

  • Massage
  • Sun & Skin
  • Peeling