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Beautiful and healthy skin requires good care and perfect natural ingredients.

Eoné uses the best gifts of nature. We make fresh, pure, beautiful, lively cosmetics for your skin and your inner happiness and contetment. Each batch is made to order.

Healthy skin requires good care and perfect natural ingredients


  • Cleansing

    Brighten, caress and nurture your skin with the best oils. You deserve it!

  • Facial oils

    Natural care for beautiful elastic skin. Given to us by Mother Nature, carefully selected by Eoné, and gently perfected for the welfare of your skin.

  • Lotions
  • Face packs
  • Face creams
  • Eye products

    Čištění a odličování jemné pleti okolo očí

    Cleansing and makeup removal for delicate skin around the eyes.

  • Lip care

    Protection against dry lips, sun protection. Prevention of cold sores and perleche.

  • Oral hygiene

    Teeth and gums cleaning products

  • Men

    Plant cosmetic products for your body and soul

  • Sensitive skin protection

    Eoné facial products

  • Sensitive skin, allergies

    Plant cosmetics for irritated skin

  • Sun and skin

    Certain vegetable oils provide gentle protection against sun. They are not to be used for "sunbathing" but as a natural protection of your skin during a sunny day.