MEDVÍDEK mycí olej na zadečky
  • MEDVÍDEK mycí olej na zadečky
  • MEDVÍDEK mycí olej na zadečky
  • MEDVÍDEK mycí olej na zadečky

MEDVÍDEK (LITTLE BEAR) oil for baby bottoms

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Natural oil to prepare washing emulsion.

Practical nappy care also suitable for washing hands when playing outside, on an outing….

Bottles of volume 500 ml and abovel are intended for refills.

Balení: 100 ml

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Hydrophilic oil to prepare washing emulsion.

Medvídek washing oil is a very gentle natural water soluble oil product. It allows you to prepare fresh natural emulsion for cleaning the nappy area. The product does not contain any preservatives or synthetic perfumes. It contains only from vegetable oils and a very small amount of lavender essential oil.

The oil is intended for children of all ages including little babies. With Medvídek, the skin on the baby’s bottom will be more resilient against moisture because it maintains and strengthens the natural protective lipid layer of the skin.

The oil was created because of my sensitivity to the commercial moist tissues. I did not want to use them to clean my newborn boy so I was looking for an alternative. Water alone was not the best either because some substances can be removed with oil simply more easily.

… and thus MEDVÍDEK was created. First we only used it for nappy care and later also when we went to play in the sandbox, on outings etc. – for cleaning hands. Children sometimes want to each and hold their snack in their hands and often there is no clean running water… Medvídek and Perlička tissues always helped to solve to problem.

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Additionally you can buy a pump for the 500ml bottle.

Instructions for use

Add Medvídek to the 30ml spray bottle (you can buy either a glass one or plastic one separately). The level of Medvídek should reach the mark line (about 1 tea spoon, i.e. 4 – 5.5 ml). Add tepid or cold, previously boiled water.

Always shake before use.

The practical spray bottle is easy to use both at home and on the go.

You can prepare the emulsion in a bowl too and leave it on the changing table the whole day.

Moisten the tissue and clean the baby’s bottom. The emulsion can also be sprayed on the spot you wish to clean and wiped with a clean tissue.

Perlička dry tissues can be used for wiping the baby’s bottom as well as a nappy or a wash cloth. Perlička tissues can be machine washed repeatedly and are completely biodegradable, however, do not throw the tissues in the toilet.

Use the emulsion within 28 hours to 7 days at the most.

To clean hands on the go, spray the emulsion on the hands and wipe.


Data sheet

For children
for toddlers
from 0 months
from 2 months
from 3 months
from 4 months
from 5 months
from 6 months
from 7 months
from 8 months
from 9 months
For sensitive skin
Natural ingredients
Contains only natural ingredients including modified olive oil
almond oil cold-pressed
corn oil from cold-pressed maize germs
essential oil from wild lavander (lavandula aungustifolia) from 1400 m above sea level
lavandin essential oil
olive oil altered gentle
rosa damascena essential oil OTTO
sesame oil cold-pressed
soybean oil from non-GMO plants
plastic bottle
Monitored fragrance components
HS codes for Customs Service
Kosmetické přípravky nebo líčidla a přípravky pro péči o pokožku (jiné než léky), včetně opalovacích nebo ochranných přípravků; přípravky pro manikúru nebo pedikúru - Ostatní: 3304 91

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