KALISTO – cream with carotene
  • KALISTO – cream with carotene

KALISTO – cream with carotene

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CREAM WITH CAROTENE. Protection for your skin both in summer and in winter.

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The cream is suitable for children aged 5 months and up and for adults.

It contains cold pressed almond oil, cocoa butter and carotene which provide natural protection and have soothing effect on the sensitive skin of the children.

Kalisto can be used both in summer and in winter. In winter it is especially suitable for temperatures below -7°C as pure jojoba oil is not good for such low temperatures.

For temperatures between -1°C and -7°C we recommend using cold pressed jojoba oil.

The cream is completely natural. It is stabilized with herbal water tinctures.

Kalisto baby cream may be used as gentle natural protection against sun. However, it cannot be used as regular sunscreen.

Little children should always wear a hat and light garments, they should not be exposed to sun between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. There is a general rule – do not sunbathe if your shadow is longer than your height. In direct sun protect the exposed spots (nose, insteps, knees, shoulders, back and arms) with sunscreen with SPF 12-20. Adapt the children to the sun gradually. Start with five minutes, not longer and not in harsh sun.

We also offer raspberry seed oil. The literature says that it has a high SPF.

Recommended life of the cream is 9 months. If you do not use the cream during the transitional seasons, keep it in a cool place. The cream contains a great quantity of vegetable oils.

Instructions for use

Apply a thin layer of the cream on the face before going out into the sun or during freezing weather. You can apply the cream on other exposed parts of the body.

Note: Due to its natural qualities, the cream may change its structure depending on the maturing of the cream and the temperature. Different structure does not affect the quality of the product. Always shake well before use.


Data sheet

Skin protection
after sunbathing
in cold weather
in the sun
For children
3 years +
5 years +
for toddlers
In pregnancy
from the beginning of the first trimester
from the beginning of the second trimester
from the beginning of the third trimester
Breastfeeding women
For sensitive skin
Natural ingredients
Contains only natural ingredients including modified olive oil
Olivem 1000
almond oil cold-pressed
chamomile (roman, Anthemis nobilis) essential oil
cocoa butter natural
corn oil from cold-pressed maize germs
grapefruit seed extract
honeysuckle (Lonicera Japonica) flower extract
lactic acid
lavender fine essential oil
olive leaf extract
petitgrain (orange leaves) essential oil
sea salt
shea butter
sunflower oil cold-pressed
thyme (Thymus serpyllum) essential oil
water extract from maize and sugar cane
water treated with gemstones
xanthan gum
Fragnance style
air-less jar
Monitored fragrance components

Specific References


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