ALMOND OIL – cold pressed
  • ALMOND OIL – cold pressed

ALMOND OIL – cold pressed

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Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil – sweet almond

This vegetable oil from the kernels of sweet almond provides natural care for sensitive and gentle baby skin starting from a few days after birth.

Adults can use it for gentle body care as well.

According to literature, it has a natural sun protection factor 5 (SPF 5).

Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil - mandloň sladká

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Cold pressed ALMOND OIL is easily absorbed by the skin so it does not feel oily.

It is suitable for skin with a tendency to eczema, dry, itchy skin, as a neutral or base massage oil for facial massage and whole body massage. It provides gentle natural protection against sun. It is suitable for face as well.

It is recommended for rough or even chapped skin.

You can use it after bathing and swimming.

You can apply the oil on your whole body when staying in the sun.

Warning: ALMOND OIL does not have sufficient SPF against direct sun, it does not serve as sunscreen.

Instructions for use

Professional literature recommends almond oil for eczema, wrinkles, irritated and dry skin, itching, dandruff and abrasions, for children skin, for facial skin and the whole body.

Apply cold pressed almond oil on any sun burnt spots, or use St. John’s wort oil.


Data sheet

Suitable for
your own composition of oils
Skin protection
after sunbathing
For children
3 years +
5 years +
10 years +
for toddlers
from 0 months
from 2 months
from 3 months
from 4 months
from 5 months
from 6 months
from 7 months
from 8 months
from 9 months
In pregnancy
Breastfeeding women
For sensitive skin
Natural ingredients
almond oil cold-pressed
For DIY cosmetics
basis for DIY cosmetics
ingredient for cosmetics
plastic bottle
HS codes for Customs Service
Kosmetické přípravky nebo líčidla a přípravky pro péči o pokožku (jiné než léky), včetně opalovacích nebo ochranných přípravků; přípravky pro manikúru nebo pedikúru - Ostatní: 3304 91

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