IMUNA – bath oil 13ml
  • IMUNA – bath oil 13ml
  • IMUNA – bath oil 13ml

IMUNA – bath oil 13ml

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Bath oil for the whole family. It can be used as a fragrant herbal shower oil.

Volumes of 100 and 200 ml can be ordered here.

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Imuna contains essential oils that make it a great bath oil for the winter season.

It contains natural E vitamin; prevents dry skin; alleviates unpleasant fungi on the skin and irritated mucosa, makes the skin elastic.

Imuna brings the strength to forgive.

Instructions for use

Adults and children over 10 years of age use 1 tablespoon in a bath, for younger children and pregnant women the dose is slightly lower. For exact dosage, please see the label.

Add the oil to pleasantly warm bath. Stay in the bath for 20 minutes. You can use Imuna as a shower oil, however, the effectiveness is slightly decreased.


Data sheet

Suitable for
Your body will make better use of essential oils in the bath, it is also suitable for the shower.
shower and bath
the shower
For children
In pregnancy
from the beginning of the first trimester
from the beginning of the second trimester
from the beginning of the third trimester
Breastfeeding women
For sensitive skin
Natural ingredients
bergamot essetial oil
essential oil from wild lavander (lavandula aungustifolia) from 1400 m above sea level
fir needle essential oil
geranium rose essential oil
lemon peel essential oil
manuca essential oil
olive oil altered gentle
soybean oil from non-GMO plants
sunflower oil cold-pressed
plastic bottle
Small travel / sample volume
small product volume
Monitored fragrance components
HS codes for Customs Service
Kosmetické přípravky nebo líčidla a přípravky pro péči o pokožku (jiné než léky), včetně opalovacích nebo ochranných přípravků; přípravky pro manikúru nebo pedikúru - Ostatní: 3304 91

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