Sada pro výrobu harmonického sprchového oleje Růže - Jasmín
  • Sada pro výrobu harmonického sprchového oleje Růže - Jasmín


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The beautiful, harmonious, charming scent is created by the synergy of the scents of ROSE and JASMINE. It helps harmonize our male and female principles, balancing the yin and yang polarities.


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The shower oil kit has a harmonious and harmonizing scent. You can choose the concentration of the essential oils and thus make the scent more or less intense.

Below is the basic recipe, it can be adjusted according to your preferences.

It is easy to make the shower oil:

Add 10 to 20 drops of Rose in Jojoba oil and 10 to 20 drops of Jasmine in Jojoba to 100 ml of the NEUTRAL shower and bath oil. The number of drops will influence the intensity of the scent of your shower oil. Start with 10 drops of Rose in Jojoba + 10 drops of Jasmine in Jojoba, close and shake. If you want a stronger scent, always add the same number of drops of both rose and jasmine oils until you like the intensity of the scent. You can use the oil in the shower and add more rose and jasmine oil later.

(20 drops equals about 0.7 ml, 40 drops of an essential oil is about 1.5 ml, depending on the size of the drops, the thickness of the oil and the size and shape of the dropper. A 3ml bottle of the Rose in Jojoba will suffice to make about 400ml shower oil with the higher concentration.)

Instructions for use

Apply on wet skin in the shower, by rubbing the oil into the skin, a fragrant milk is created that cleans the skin without removing the protective layer. Rinse with water and enjoy the beautiful scent for some time.

You can add about 1 tablespoon of the oil in a bath. I usually pour the oil in my hand and stir it in the bath water. Then enjoy the fragrant bath.

Do not shower after a bath, just dry yourself, thus you will not need to use any skin lotion.


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Suitable for
shower and bath
your own composition of oils
Natural ingredients
For DIY cosmetics
ingredient for cosmetics
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