BERUŠKA (LADYBIRD) – non-foaming shampoo 13ml
  • BERUŠKA (LADYBIRD) – non-foaming shampoo 13ml
  • BERUŠKA (LADYBIRD) – non-foaming shampoo 13ml

BERUŠKA (LADYBIRD) – non-foaming shampoo 13ml

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Protective new generation non-foaming shampoo

Volume of 100 ml can be ordered here.

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Beruška shampoo is completely vegan. Thanks to the calendula extract, the shampoo is soothing to the skin. It cleanses gently without making the skin dry.

Beruška is suitable for washing your whole body as well as your hair. Children like to wash their hands with diluted Beruška shampoo.

Suitable for 6-month-old children and older.

Instructions for use

Just a few drops are needed to wash the hair and the whole body. We recommend diluting the shampoo with water in a 1:7 ratio. Even though the shampoo does not foam like regular shampoos do, it has great cleansing properties.


Data sheet

For children
3 years +
5 years +
10 years +
for toddlers
from 6 months
from 7 months
from 8 months
from 9 months
In pregnancy
For sensitive skin
Natural ingredients
Contains only natural ingredients including modified olive oil
calendula extract
grapefruit peel essential oil
grapefruit seed extract
honeysuckle (Lonicera Japonica) flower extract
lavender fine essential oil
lemon peel essential oil
olive leaf extract
olive oil altered gentle
red madarin essential oil
rosehip seed oil
sea salt
water extract from maize and sugar cane
water treated with gemstones
plastic bottle
Small travel / sample volume
small product volume
Monitored fragrance components
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