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Air Cleaning

There are more ways to scent a child's room, an apartment, a company's lobby and a workplace. Those that do not require a flame or electricity are very gentle and do not require more of our attention apart from the occasional addition of essential oils. These are the EVAPORATORS such as the rose or shell. AROMA FLACONS are also excellent for their easy application.
In order to keep our favourite or curative scent with us at all times, we carry INHALATION FLACONS in our handbag for frequent use.

For all of them we use high-quality essential oils that suit our intentions and preferences. For example, we use mandarin, which is calming, for children to help them fall asleep peacefully; and lemon, which helps us focus, for the workspace. Grapefruit, on the other hand, is a universal and popular essential oil.

For lovers of incense, we offer resins and a Lamp for their vaporization. The lamp already requires a flame and should therefore be used with caution and out of reach of children.

Care and clean air in your room