LALIUM – ointment
  • LALIUM – ointment
  • LALIUM – ointment

LALIUM – ointment

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Baby nappy cream that soothes and treats skin irritated by sweat and moisture.

The small packaging is ideal for lip and face protection especially in freezing weather.

Balení: 50 ml
Fresh produced

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The ointment soothes and treats the skin folds irritated by sweat and moisture. It is suitable for babies right from the birth. It treats the fine baby skin under the nappy. It soothes and prevents chafes and other irritations.

The small pack is an ideal protective ointment – for lip and face protection in freezing weather. It contains castor oil that creates a protective layer against moisture and prevents the skin from drying. It treats and soothes irritated and red skin, it is also suitable for babies right from the birth.

Nappy care:

Apply several times a day after cleaning the skin, every time you change the nappy. You can use breast milk, the 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil or Karité ointment to treat the red skin on the bum.

Skin protection against freezing weather:

Apply on the lips several times a day as needed. We decided for the small pack when we found that it is useful for so many different things than just nappy care. So the small pack is a hygienic pack of this 100% natural ointment for lip care.


Data sheet

Suitable for
skin of your face as well as hands
Skin protection
after sunbathing
in cold weather
in the sun
For children
3 years +
5 years +
10 years +
for toddlers
from 0 months
from 2 months
from 3 months
from 4 months
from 5 months
from 6 months
from 7 months
from 8 months
from 9 months
In pregnancy
For sensitive skin
Natural ingredients
castor (ricin) oil cold-pressed
lavender fine essential oil
rosa damascena essential oil OTTO
sunflower oil cold-pressed
Monitored fragrance components

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