MANDARINE-LAVENDER washing balm 13ml
  • MANDARINE-LAVENDER washing balm 13ml
  • MANDARINE-LAVENDER washing balm 13ml
  • MANDARINE-LAVENDER washing balm 13ml
  • MANDARINE-LAVENDER washing balm 13ml

MANDARINE-LAVENDER washing balm 13ml

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Shower and bath balm for healthy skin, positive mind and calm sleep.

The balm keeps the skin smooth and soft.

Volumes of 100, 200 or 500 ml can be ordered here.

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Natural, very gentle balm for everyday use in bath, shower, for washing hands. Washing with the balm protects the protective lipid layer of the skin. As a result skin is naturally protected against external influences, be it cold or sunlight. The skin of your hands will remain soft.

Mandarine and tangerine with organic lavender provide wonderfully relaxing and soothing balm for the psyche. They are great for restless or fearful children, bring relaxation before sleep, support good digestion and sleep.

Healthy washing with mandarine-lavender balm is suitable for:

  • Adults and children aged 9 months and older,
  • For expectant mothers from the second trimester.

Instructions for use

For everyday body care: 

  • For bath;
  • Shower;
  • washing hands

In the shower, apply several drops on wet skin, or 1 tablespoon of the balm in the bath.

You should stay in the bath for about 15 to 20 minutes.

For washing hands use like soap from the dispenser.

A pump Is available for purchase with half-litre bottles.


Data sheet

Suitable for
Do sprchy, koupele i na mytí rukou
Your body will make better use of essential oils in the bath, it is also suitable for the shower.
shower and bath
skin of your face as well as hands
the shower
For children
3 years +
5 years +
10 years +
for toddlers
from 9 months
In pregnancy
from the beginning of the second trimester
from the beginning of the third trimester
Natural ingredients
Contains only natural ingredients including modified olive oil
Carotino oil
chamomile (roman, Anthemis nobilis) essential oil
essential oil from wild lavander (lavandula aungustifolia) from 1800 m above sea level
evening primerose oil cold-pressed
flaxseed oil cold-pressed
lavandin essential oil organic
lavender maillette essential oil organic
olive oil altered gentle
red madarin essential oil
rosa damascena essential oil OTTO
sandalwood essential oil
soybean oil from non-GMO plants
tangerine essential oil
wheatgerm oil cold-pressed
Small travel / sample volume
small product volume
Monitored fragrance components

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