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Pure oil without any added essential oils for skin cleansing and makeup removal.

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Hydrophilic oils are traditionally used for gentle skin cleansing. Eoné hydrophilic oil uses a completely unique emulsifier, i.e. olive oil processed by a patented technology. It helps to disperse oils in water. By mixing the hydrophilic oil with water, a cleansing emulsion is created that gentle cleanses and washes even very fine and sensitive skin. It may be used for cleansing eye area too. It maintains the protective layer of the skin. Thus the skin is better protected against the sun and adverse weather conditions and stays moisturized. The bioactive substances and vitamins contained naturally in the Eoné hydrophilic oil provide your skin with the necessary care.

First freshen the skin with face lotion and let it absorb.

Then apply hydrophilic oil to a moist cosmetic pad and cleanse the skin thoroughly.

Start in the centre of your face and proceed to the periphery. Cleanse also the nape and décolletage.

Therapists may add several drops of a suitable essential oil (ca 3 drops per 10 ml of the product), depending on the type of skin and whether the client likes the fragrance.

Vzorková / cestovní balení ano
V těhotenství ano
Na citlivou pokožku a pleť ano
Domácí výroba kosmetiky ano
Obal plast / sklo dle objemu, skleněná lahvička
100% přírodní produkt Obsahuje pouze přírodní složky včetně upraveného olivového oleje
Do sprchy na vlastní kompozici olejů
Kojící ženy ANO
Vůně bylinná


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Pure oil without any added essential oils for skin cleansing and makeup removal.

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